Award ceremony that was waited excitedly was held in Forum Mersin. Winner of 2nd Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition was Enes Yurdaün with film named ‘Yüksük’. 2nd Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition that was organized with cooperation of Forum Mersin and Mersin University and that witnessed great excitement with participation of 166 films of was concluded.  Enes Yurdaün was the winner with the film named ‘Yüksük’.

Award ceremony of the competition was held with presentation of Nefise Karatay on May 4th, on Saturday in Atıf Yılmaz Square of Forum Mersin AVM.

Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition that was organized second times this year in the memory of Atıf Yılmaz, master director of Turkish cinema, was concluded with a magnificent premiere.

Mersin University Communication Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Ünsal Yetim, Communication Faculty Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Senem DuruelErkılıç, Communication Faculty Radio Television Cinema Department Head Ass. Prof. Dr. Hakan Erkılıç,  Director Sevilay Demirci and many participants attended the premiere that was held in Atıf Yılmaz Square of Forum Mersin.

Atıf Yılmaz cinema is wealth of Turkey
Forum Mersin Alışveriş ve Yaşam Merkezi (Shopping and Life Center) Advertisement and Public Relations Manager Murat Telli who made speech in the premiere night of 2nd Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition stated that wealth of Turkey is a small story coming from the four corners of the country, in each region, from each culture and economic class and said that:

“Atıf Yılmaz cinema is just like this wealth. This cinema language that is sad, deep and usually opponent that he left as heritage and that has something to say where there is injustice has currently characteristic of a very important guide for young film makers. Our young film makers  perform very important works in the way of master with their short studies. This year, we had a very excited competition process with participation of films above 150 from all corners of Turkey. I hope that deep wounds opened by our social problems that were emphasized by Atıf Yılmaz cinema are closed anymore, and I hope that competition that we organized with the name of the master makes even a small contribution to young film makers and Turkish cinema. This will conduce to sending of our love and respects to the master Atıf Yılmaz in 7th year of his death.”

Telli, reminding that last year Rezan Yeşilbaş was the winner of Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition with film named ‘Sessiz’, stated that “We did not think that it would be selected as ‘the Best Film’ in International Cannes Film Festival” the next day. I hope that we will bring luck to a film and team also this year and that we will make contribution even imaginarily in half-opening of many successes”.

Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition is very valuable

Director Sevilay Demirci thanked Form Mersin in her speech so that it understood value of short film. Demirci, stating that value of this competition that was made on behalf of Atıf Yılmaz is great and stated that “Atıf Yılmaz was very valuable director. This competition that was organized on his behalf is also very valuable. I want these films are displayed on televisions in the forthcoming periods”.

Mersin University Communication Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Ünsal Yetim stated that the competition that was organized for the 2nd times filled them with pride, and said that “Cinema art should be developed on each area. Forum Mersin made great contribution for us on this subject. As university, we will continue to support each work made for the cinema.”

The winner of  Atıf Yılmaz  Short Film  Competition obtained prize of 6 thousand TL

In the Premium night where award ceremony was initiated after speeches, films ranking with selection of jury that consisted of Actress Deniz Türkali, Director Derviş Zaim, Director Sevilay Demirci, Director of cinematography Uğur İçbak, Author and Television Presenter Yekta Kopan were explained.

Accordingly, Enes Yurdaün obtained first prize of 6 thousand TL with film named ‘Yüksük’ in 2nd   Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition. Ziya Demirel participating in the competition with film named ‘Evicko’ obtained second prize of 3 thousand TL, and Özkan Küçük obtained third prize of 2 thousand TL with film named ‘Pepuk’.

Mizgin Müjde Arslan gained Jury Special Prize with the film named ‘Asya’ in 2nd Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition. Ufuk Erden gained Forum Alışveriş Merkezleri Special Prize with film of ‘Keramet’ (Oracle) in 2nd Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition.

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