Participants should download the participiant form and upload it with the film details via an online application which will be published on 14th March of 2017 until 7th April of 2017, at 6.00 PM.

Copies are obliged to have characteristic of figure and voice proper for display. Films, which do not comply with conditions stated in the specification and in which poor record was made, participant is left out of competition without the necessity of warning by the director.

One person should sign competition participation form and specification and signatory should be legal owner of the work. Regardless of number of person creating the work, award shall be only given to legal owner of the work having signature in documents. Besides, accuracy of all information to be stated in said documents binds the signatory. Legal responsibility that may arise from this information belongs to the signatory.

Please read the documents completely. You may download the documents with suitable extension for you clicking the links on the left. Then sign it and send us.